Proyectos Dristor Apartment - Private project by Laurentiu Paicu

La realización

The Dristor Apartment project, curated by the architect and interior designer Laurentiu Paicu, is about the interior design of a private residence in Dristor, a district of Bucharest (Romania). Throughout the creation of the 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms available, the architect chose Tecnografica wallpapers giving character and style to two rooms in particular: the master bathroom and a double bedroom. 

In the bathroom, the graphic design "Olimpia" (Architetture collection) spreads color in the space, balancing the strong contrast created through the black and white marble effect coatings. The end result is a room with a bold and luxurious style, which does not go unnoticed.

In the bedroom, on the other hand, the architect wanted to recreate a relaxing atmosphere, which incorporates shades of blue matching the teal velvet bed. The final selection: the "Azumi" wallpaper (color variant: Mint) from the Japandi collection, a collection of natural motifs that combine Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese charm.


Project by: Laurentiu Paicu - Interior Design® - 

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