Proyectos Kid bedroom - Private project by Easy Relooking

La realización

As Elisa Monico of Easy Relooking says, "It takes very little to dream and travel with the imagination". And what better theme for a little dreamer than hot air balloons? 
For this project dedicated to a little girl's bedroom, the engineer and interior designer has chosen simple and natural colors, which we find in the parquet and in the minimal yet functional furnishings. The idea is to make the wallpaper the protagonist and that the rest of the color shall be added by games and drawings in the future. 

The imagination travels with the hot-air balloons of the "Martin" wallpaper (Decoratives collection) chosen by Elisa Monico.
The final result is delicate and ready to welcome all the wonderful adventures of the little guest. 


Project and 3D render by Elisa Monico - Easy Relooking:

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