Proyectos Master Bedroom design - "Brillante Penthouse" Project by Dana Dragoi Design

La realización

Dana Dragoi's project for a neoclassical double bedroom perfectly reflects all the canons of the style chosen by the clients. The future guests gave the architect space to design freely, hence Dana chose to customize and make the design of this bedroom truly complete.

The architect's idea was to create a room with a heavenly atmosphere. A place to take refuge at the end of the day, relax and get lost in your dreams. For this, she selected neutral colors and "dusty" shades, both for the coverings and for the furnishings. To complete the luxurious and refined style of the environment, Dana Dragoi used wallpaper to highlight the wall behind the bed’s headboard.

The choice could not fail to fall on the design "New Classika" by The Sisters for the Art Collections. The design, characterized by typical themes and motifs of this classic style, are revisited in a modern way by The Sisters artists. The result is unique and of great impact, perfect for the room designed by Dana Dragoi.


Project and 3D render by Dana Dragoi Design:

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