Proyectos Kitchen design by Angelika Tóth

La realización

It is said that the heart of the house is the kitchen. The place where all family members meet at the beginning and end of the day and share the day, thoughts and emotions. In the project designed by interior designer Angelika Tóth, the kitchen has been extensively enhanced. While maintaining its functionality, the kitchen is characterized by a modern style full of strong contrasts: the soft colors of the floors and walls versus the dark tones of the kitchen furniture and the peninsula. For the accentuation of every detail Tecnografica products were used.

To cover the walls, both wallpaper and decorative panels were selected. The wall closest to the kitchen unit is decorated with the "Eva" wallpaper (Gold variant) designed by Paolo Giordano & Simona Cardinetti for the Art Collections. On the opposite wall, the decorative panels with the "Phuket” design (Super Preziosi collection) completely cover the wall, including the door that leads to other areas of the house.

Last but not least, the "Stardust" decorative panel (Precious Stones collection) illuminates the front side of the peninsula through the Dècora LED finish.


Project by Angelika Tóth for Lakberendezo, SIL Design and Dobak Home Studio: - - 


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