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Boutique Hotel Stresa by Arredo Jolly

Tecnografica and Arredo Jolly collaborated to create a unique project at the Boutique Hotel Stresa, located on the shores of the picturesque Lake Maggiore in Italy. This new luxury hotel represents a perfect fusion of history, culture, comfort, and relaxation, offering guests an unforgettable experience. In the hotel’s Private SPA Suites, Tecnografica’s products played a crucial role in creating evocative and refined environments.

In the Private SPA Suite Natura, attention to detail and elegance are reflected in the customized wallpaper decorating the headboard, depicting a charming barn. This rustic and cozy theme continues in the revitalizing and emotional shower, where the decorative Smart Panel with the same customized graphic was installed, creating graphic continuity between the two areas of the suite.

The Private SPA Suite Monte Rosa is a tribute to the mountain landscapes of Monte Rosa. The room’s walls are adorned with a customized wallpaper that recalls these magnificent panoramas, immersing guests in an atmosphere of serenity and natural beauty. Inside the emotional shower, the decorative Smart Panel with the same graphic was installed, adding a touch of continuity and aesthetic coherence.

Finally, in the Private SPA Suite Laguna, the headboard is enhanced by the Décora LED decorative panel with the ‘Waikiki’ graphic. This distinctive element creates a play of lights and colors that envelops guests in a sophisticated and relaxing environment. Inside the emotional shower, the decorative Smart Panel continues with the same ‘Waikiki’ graphic, completing the suite’s aesthetic harmony.

Thanks to Technografica and Arredo Jolly, Boutique Hotel Stresa represents an exclusive destination where every detail is designed to offer the utmost comfort and beauty.

Project: Arredo Jolly
Photos: Boutique Hotel Stresa

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