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Appartamento 'Verde Urbano' by Annalisa Carli | Tecnografica

Verde Urbano by Annalisa Carli

The ‘Verde Urbano’ project, created by architect Annalisa Carli in collaboration with Tecnografica, is an example of how wallpaper design can transform and enhance a home environment. Located in a new residential complex in Milan, this newly built apartment has been designed and furnished with care, paying special attention to detail.

The apartment hall was decorated with Eleanor wallpaper in its Pastel variant. This choice gave the room a sophisticated and modern atmosphere with its delicate colors and harmonious geometric shapes. This wallpaper is known for its ability to transform spaces, creating a visual effect of depth and movement, which in this case enriched the entire room. In addition, paper was also provided on the wall dedicated to the bookcase, visually uniting the two halves of the living room. The pastel tones used in this variation give a sense of calm and sophistication, making the room a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment.

In the bedroom, however,Nami wallpaper in the Green variant was chosen. This oriental-flavored design is inspired by sea waves and nature; its implementation in this room has created a serene and relaxing environment. The green tones used in this wallpaper evoke a sense of tranquility and connection with nature.

The ‘Verde Urbano’ project is an excellent example of how modern design can be both beautiful and functional, transforming a newly built apartment into an urban oasis that celebrates the best of Italian innovation in interior design.

Project: Annalisa Carli
Photo: Simone Marulli

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