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Gynecological Clinic by

The Gynecological Clinic in Neunkirchen, Austria, stands out not only for the quality of the services offered, but also for the attention paid to the environment and the well-being of its patients. This result was achieved thanks to the collaboration between Tecnografica and the architecture studio

In the heart of the clinic, the ‘Breath‘ wallpaper in its Fresh variant by Tecnografica was chosen to enrich the spaces by giving a feeling of freshness and serenity. This choice was not random: ‘Breath‘ was selected for its design qualities, capable of transforming rooms into welcoming and relaxing spaces. The studio was able to best interpret the needs of the gynecological clinic in Neunkirchen, integrating the Tecnografica wallpaper into a project that aims at well-being and serenity. Attention to detail and care in the choice of materials were fundamental to creating a space where patients can feel welcomed and at ease.

The synergy between Tecnografica and the architecture studio led to the creation of a project that goes beyond simple decoration, offering an experience of well-being even in the healthcare sector.

Project and Photos:

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