The bright sky fades into the depth of the night, while the sea sways between the calm of the dawn and the stormy energy of the sunset. All around, the man's hand draws braided houses and sets colorful buildings that paint the earth with color, before letting themselves be wrapped by rolling hills full of trees.
With Landscapes, the new capsule wallpaper collection by Tecnografica, eyes travel far away, through a thousand of different Landscapes, where nature and urban style find space and expressiveness.
Photography, matter and abstraction are the key points of this new series of designs, through which the Landscapes is not a simple representation, but a free interpretation of its concept.
Adapted pictures, material backgrounds that merge with the image and abstract structures that chase each other in the surrounding space: inspirations to great artists such as Escher and Kandinskij are easy to be recognized, and they offer new visions and points of view to tell stories and emotions.


  • Arancione canyon
  • Azzurro aqua
  • Bianco snow
  • Black and white
  • Blu atlantic
  • Grigio clay
  • Nero coal
  • Oro blond
  • Rosa blush
  • Tortora cocoa
  • Verde pistachio


  • Kids
  • Geometric
  • Industrial
  • Nature
  • Landscape
  • Vintage
  • Modern Classic
  • Folk & Boho
  • Color blocks

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