There’s a sound in every movement. There’s a rhythm that accelerates or slows down at each change of direction drawn by a line. There are notes that resonate in every shape and there are chords that amplify every warm or cold shade of color. And with the sound of a word there’s always a melody, ready to fill our mind and make us whistle or sing at the top of our lungs.
Geometric Notes is the Tecnografica’s wallpaper collection that makes room for sound and color frequencies, joining them together in the movement of geometrical shapes.
Lines, curves, squares, circles, and arches dance in a chromatic geometry, made of continuity, overlays, interruptions, solids and voids. An incessant rhythm to keep time through shapes and colors.
Discover the new geometric wallpapers by Tecnografica and turn up the volume with Major Tom, Janis, Eleanor, Aretha, Sir Elton, and Jimi.



  • Arancione canyon
  • Azzurro aqua
  • Blu atlantic
  • Grigio clay
  • Marrone coffee
  • Rosa blush
  • Rosso coral
  • Tortora cocoa
  • Verde pistachio


  • Texture
  • Geometric
  • Landscape
  • Color blocks

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