Decorative Panels: Super Preziosi

True beauty is timeless. It stays and constantly reinvents itself in the viewer’s mind. True beauty is in the eyes of those who can see it and remains among the deepest feelings. Just like the memories left by a journey through the crystal clear waters of an atoll, the lush green of tropical nature, the white and finest sand of an uncontaminated beach, the deep and dark sky over the ocean, flooded with stars.

It’s from the unexpected imagination of nature that the brand new collection Super Preziosi takes its traits. With no restrictions and no fear to slip into decay. Composed of six subjects, this collection – as usual – owes its spectacularity to our designers’ careful work, who enhanced the artistic peculiarities of each stone. A wonderful nature characterized by bright colors and reproduced in large size to be fully appreciated.
The decorative panels of the Super Preziosi collection arise from the high-resolution acquisition of rare natural stones.

Like all Tecnografica decorative panels collections, even Super Preziosi is offered on all our available finishes.


  • Bianco snow
  • Blu atlantic
  • Marrone coffee
  • Nero coal
  • Oro blond
  • Rosa blush


  • Natural Stones
  • Agate effect
  • Precious
  • Marble effect
  • Onyx effect

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