Nature has many ways to express its perfection. One of these are surely crystals, of which the molecules are characterized by a regular geometric structure. Under the microscope, it seems as if nothing within a crystal is left to chance. On the outside, however, far from the tiny molecules, the overwhelming fantasy of the unpredictable colorful textures on the surface appears. A dance of shapes and colors that has lasted for millennia and contains infinite emotions. Just like the memories that resurface through a perfume rediscovered after many years.

Cedar, Elisir, Patchouli, Mirra and Tonka are the designs that make up Tecnografica's decorative panels collection of Crystals. Crystals small enough to fit into one hand, are transformed into large decorative panels thanks to the acquisition of very high-resolution images.

The Crystals collection is therefore perfect for the Dècora Glass, the Tecnografica decorative panel in laminated glass.
Thanks to their large dimensions (up to 1480x3000 mm) and reduced thickness (8.7 mm), Dècora Glass panels are suitable for covering large surfaces and realizations of large projects in the naval and Horeca sectors, as well as at a residential and commercial level. The resistance of the glass also allows the use of these panels as counter tops or support surfaces on tables and furniture. And for environments that require an even more scenographic impact, Dècora Glass has a double function: starting as a classic decorative panel installed on the wall, it can also become a backlit panel.



  • Bianco snow
  • Grigio clay
  • Nero coal
  • Rosa blush
  • Rosso coral
  • Verde pistachio
  • Viola wine


  • Natural Stones
  • Quartz effect
  • Precious

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