The Sisters (Marco Pulga and Mino Longo)

The Sisters (Marco Pulga and Mino Longo)

Do you have the opportunity to listen all by yourself to Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones? Listen and try to imagine a travel of two sailing ships, lost in their ocean but meant to be together… let’s start.

Rockstar pulp mixed with the wolf’s instinct on one side and the poète maudit and the seven seas pirate on the other. Out of time, out of space, out every conventional point of view, going beyond the limits: that is the extreme couple, the enigmatic and fabulous one!

The story of the first begins with a pencil, a space shuttle transporting everything that is on the mind. He designed outfits for faraway princes and tapestries for the walls of impenetrable castles and with his hands he was able to transport everything everywhere he could imagine.

Younger and more Mediterranean the other profile: red Indian and Scorpio. Fire and passion are basic elements shaping a hunger inhaling the contact with things, the matter possesses him creating a mean through which it is realized.

Only art, music, dreams, imagination could have put in contact two souls so loyal and free

Unique in their way of being they create awesomeness and emotional closeness and at the same time they alienate the rigor destroying barriers. There is no fusion or compromise, colors are not mixed together but they overlap, nothing is cancelled but everything is created leaving an unconscious feeling of confusion and dizziness.


  • Arancione canyon
  • Azzurro aqua
  • Bianco snow
  • Blu atlantic
  • Giallo tuscan sun
  • Grigio clay
  • Marrone coffee
  • Nero coal
  • Oro blond
  • Rosa blush
  • Rosso coral
  • Tortora cocoa
  • Verde pistachio
  • Viola wine


  • Animalier
  • Handmade
  • Texture
  • Floral
  • Geometric
  • Nature
  • Oriental
  • Landscape
  • Vintage
  • Modern Classic
  • Mix'n'match

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