Leo Bellei

Leo Bellei

Thanks to a box of crayons received as a gift, design became her life.
Leo Bellei was born in Sassuolo in 1973. She got her specialization in advertising and photography in Modena, then she attended a course of illustrations, comics, and screenplay in Bologna.

Hereinafter, for about a year, she worked as a teacher for a comics course. Finally, she came across with the ceramic sector working as a graphic designer in an office and now she is a designer in the wallpaper sector.

Fortunately, she never gave up on her passion for painting and illustrating. Leo’s passion is still alive, she always followed her inspiration experimenting. Through the years her inner state of mind came out in her paintings embodying the perfect synthesis of her knowledge, feelings, and creativity.

In 2009 she started a collaboration with the “Magazzini Criminali” gallery in Sassuolo. Since then she regularly exhibits paintings, illustrations, and pictures.

Between 2009 and 2017 she realized various installations and exhibitions, some of them also in collaboration with Spazio Gerra in Reggio Emilia, the Flyer Art Gallery in Rome, the Caelum Gallery in New York City, Unico Fashion Gallery by Arte Fiera 2018 in Bologna, and Artbox Gallery in Zurigo. With this last Gallery she also will be exhibiting in New York in 2018.




  • Arancione canyon
  • Azzurro aqua
  • Bianco snow
  • Black and white
  • Blu atlantic
  • Giallo tuscan sun
  • Grigio clay
  • Marrone coffee
  • Nero coal
  • Oro blond
  • Rosa blush
  • Rosso coral
  • Tortora cocoa
  • Verde pistachio
  • Viola wine


  • Portrait
  • Texture
  • Floral
  • Nature
  • Oriental
  • Words
  • Vintage

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