Eleonora Biagetti

Eleonora Biagetti was born in Pesaro and attended a Fine Arts High School. Then, she moved to Milan, where she studied and lived for years. Here, she got her specialization in Visual Arts: Visual Design and Illustration.
After her studies, she worked for the most prestigious architectural studios in Milan, such as Bob Noorda’s and Italo Lupi’s. She worked on projects dedicated to corporate image, packaging, illustrations, editorial graphic and product restyling for well-known Italian brands, like La Rinascente and Coop.
Some years later, Eleonora decided to come back to Pesaro to collaborate with important companies as a professional graphic designer.
In the meantime, Eleonora conducted a personal painting research. The unusual combinations of colors, together with the connections between abstract shapes and everyday objects, produce surprising contaminations that bring the viewer into an unexpected dreamlike dimension, where the vision of reality changes. There’s no changing in things, but in the viewer’s eyes.
Many artworks by Eleonora now decorate walls in houses and public spaces, while others have been acquired by different companies in the design field in order to decorate objects, wallpapers, pieces of furniture, and fabrics.
Other artworks by Eleonora also found their space in some Italian Galleries.
Moreover, she currently collaborates with “Edizioni Pulcinoelefante”, a publishing house founded by Alberto Casiraghy. Some “Libretti” (“booklets”) containing her illustrations and brief poems have been published and are now available in art libraries and galleries.
Eleonora is keeping herself up-to-date through painting and history of art courses with Franco Fiorucci, one of the last masters of the Italian painting.


  • Azzurro aqua
  • Bianco snow
  • Blu atlantic
  • Grigio clay
  • Rosa blush
  • Tortora cocoa
  • Verde pistachio
  • Viola wine


  • Animalier
  • Floral
  • Nature
  • Pattern
  • Folk & Boho

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