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Tapete | Avalon

Modern Affresco

Modern Affresco is the wallpaper collection by Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings, whose subjects are able to go beyond the time they tell.

As the name suggests, Modern Affresco is inspired by the concept of an ancient fresco revisited in a modern key. From the encounter with a real frescoed wall which, consumed by the passing of the centuries, reveals only some parts of its original design, our artist-designers receive the creative inspiration to give shape to graphics with an enveloping and melancholy flavor of British castles. The floral subjects in soft colors on ruined and peeling walls, immersed in light gray tones, recall moments from a distant past that finds renewed prestige in the contemporary world.

The handcrafted creation of the graphics, as well as the meticulous attention to shapes and colors to create the right harmony between artistic subjects and material furrows in the background, provide a different interpretation of the effects of time on objects. Modern Affresco does not speak of “old”, but of “ancient”. It does not describe “ruined surfaces”, but “precious” thanks to the ability to still tell a story today that otherwise would have been lost in the past.

This is how the colors and emotions of ancient legends shine again among the graphics of Modern Affresco, such as Somerset and Avalon, first created by hand by Tecnografica artists, then transposed and digitally printed thanks to the exclusive SD image acquisition technology high definition.

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