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The geometric wallpaper of the Architetture collection is space created by color.
Architetture is color that gives depth to space.

Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings presents its capsule collection dedicated to the study of space and depth through blocks of color. Modern wallpapers with regular or messy modular structures, built on defined geometric figures. The solid color is the undisputed protagonist here: pale pink and green, bright orange and grey, golden yellow and turquoise, baby blue and burgundy.

In Architetture, the concepts of chiaroscuro and 3D are realized not only through the classic use of lights and shadows, but also in the alternation of colors. Lines, angles and volumes push the eye beyond the graphics, to find a personal interpretation in the joints between the shapes and to identify a path along the marked features of this collection.

The peculiarity of Architetture also lies in the color variations of each graphic: nothing is left to chance and every color match calls the next one. So, the same subject in all its variants can decor the walls of an entire room in a complete and coherent manner, creating a real story in which the geometric shapes are told and give off their chromatic charge.

In Architetture, color has the power to free forms from stillness.

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Using a camera or your smartphone, take a photo of the wall you want to paper. Upload it on our site and choose the graphics you like the most to have a preview of the final result on your wall.

When loading, you are required to enter: the sizes of the wall; an email address to which the simulation will be sent; other necessary small details.


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