Projects Dining room - Private project by Embo Studio

The realization

Architect Ema Bogoi from Embo Studio was in charge for the renovation of a home in the North of Bucharest. The family that lives there was looking for a larger, quieter space, with a lot of greenery. Thus, the architect designes wider spaces with a minimalist design and the deep colors of autumn. Between the warm brown and the elegant grey, the only touches of colors are given by the teal tones of the living room and the wallpaper "Avalon" in the dining room. 

The floral subject "Avalon" (Modern Affresco collection), thanks to its light shades, perfectly combines with the style of the house, creating a sophisticated background for the dining room.


Project by: Ema Bogoi, Embo Studio -
Photos by: Sabin Prodan -

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