Projects Living room design - Private project by Dario Puteo

The realization

The interior designer Dario Puteo (ILAB 2.0 Design Studio) realized this private project with the aim of renovating the space but, at the same time, recalling past and nature. Thus, this living room of a penthouse in Foggia (Puglia, Italy) is now enhanced again.

The presence of light is conceived to blend in with the environment and become a furnishing element itself, while it visually interacts with the architectural details of the contemporary design.

In this scenario, Dario Puteo added the arches and leaves of "Athena" wallpaper (color variant: White; Decoratives collection), whose beige and brown colors perfectly combine with the chromatic palette of the room, based on earth tones and green traces.


Project and 3D render by: Dario Puteo - ILAB 2.0 Design Studio -

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