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The realization

The hall is the first place that we discover in a building. Consequently, it is also the first space that tells us about the style of the whole building, its function and the philosophy it is based on. For this reason, even though the hall is an area where people spend little time, a careful attention to details becomes fundamental.

Arc Studio Innovations, architecture and interior design studio in Cairo (Egypt), proposes two different types of halls.

In the first one, the main feature is the strong chromatic contrast between black and white, skillfully used to guide the viewer's eyes towards specific elements: the two large central windows, which illuminate the entire room; the floor, characterized by a geometric design, which is able to create depth and perspective; finally, on the left wall, the wallpaper. Hand-drawn by Marco Fontana for Tecnografica, "Venezia 73" (Art Collections, color variant Black and White) is a graphic subject that celebrates the unmistakable city of Venice. Moreover, the soft lines of the drawings create a perfect balance with the regular shapes of the windows and the floor.

The second type of hall also uses the contrast between, on the one hand, the defined geometries of floor and wall and, on the other hand, the soft silhouettes of the wallpaper graphic subject. However, this time the design is based on the warm tones of gold and brown, evoking - together with the furniture - a clear idea of luxury. The same concept is indirectly expressed by the wallpaper "Tropicana" (I Decorativi Collection, color variant Colorful B), as a representation of an extremely lush forest. Besides, the whole environment is visually expanded by the reflections on the glossy surfaces of the marble marble, the golden lift and the large mirror on the ceiling.

3D renders by Arc Studio Innovations:

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