Projects Bathroom designs by Angelika Tóth

The realization

The bathroom is the room in a house intended for relaxation and personal care. Therefore, naturally it should reflect the taste and style of those who live there. In the projects of the interior designer Angelika Tóth, we can see how by carefully combining furnishing accessories and materials, the final result can be so different and equally impactful.
A common element in all of her projects are the decorative panels by Tecnografica. In particular, we find the designs: "Stardust" (Precious Stones collection), "Hiva Oa" (Super Preziosi collection), "Antarctica" (Gaia collection), "Maui Blue" (Super Preziosi collection).

For humid environments, such as bathrooms and shower interiors, the recommended support is the Smart Panel. In addition, the Glossy finish is ideal for designs that reproduce precious stones, onyxes and quartzes, such as those chosen by the designer. 


Project by: Angelika Tóth for Lakberendezo and SIL Design: -

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