- 25/07/2019 -

The wonders of the uncontaminated nature of the Philippines in the new wallpapers signed by Feanne for Tecnografica

Press The wonders of the uncontaminated nature of the Philippines in the new wallpapers signed by Feanne for Tecnografica

The archipelago of the Philippines has always been a fascinating and mysterious place, cradle of biodiversity. The rich and unexplored nature of this territory is the undisputed protagonist of the creations of Feanne, the young Filipino artist who signed the new wallpaper designs in the Tecnografica Art Collection. Since her early childhood, Feanne has shown a deep passion in the representation of plants and animals. Today, as an artist specialized in detailed illustration, she has turned her passion into work. Feanne's artworks are an amazing journey through lush vegetation, where wild animals, local plants and a multitude of marine animals live undisturbed. True wealth, according to Feanne's vision, is hidden in the little things that surround us. Through her eyes, in fact, even an ordinary leaf can turn into a real goldmine of details. It is nature itself that creates beauty. When you decorate an environment with the sophisticated china ink drawings of Feanne - thanks to the strength of the colors, the elegance of the drawing lines and the enchantment of the patterns - the walls disappear to let the observer plunge into a world made of lush forests, populated by the most varied species of exotic animals.

The collection is composed of six subjects - Egrets, Nautilus, Sabong, Sealife, Tropical Foliage and Visayan Leopard - completely hand-drawn and then digitally printed with exclusive SD technology, which allows an absolute attention to detail. These graphics are fully customizable according to the needs of each single project and each design is available in wide color palettes, which are also fully customizable to the specific environment you need to decorate. Moreover, the possibilities to reach an optimal result are further enriched, thanks to the wide range of finishes offered: from waterproof wallpaper for bathrooms to soundproof wallpaper to reduce internal and external noise, from ecological cellulose fiber wallpaper to technical supports with surfaces structured with a stucco and fabric effect.

With this new capsule collection, Tecnografica confirms once again its will to constantly support artists and their creativity, in all its forms. Discover all the subjects from Feanne's collection