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Infinity Gems

A lost and dreamy gaze at the blue beyond the sky. A blue that is full and immobile, but rippled throughout the ages by the revolutions of tireless and infinite celestial bodies. Deep abysses, ready to blend into brilliant purple clouds of unreachable galaxies.
Bright, silvery cracks are chasing each other along stellar paths designed among the constellations, while they change their direction towards the afire heart of a Supernova. Then, after the burning flames, the sidereal white of far-away stars silently appears.
A glow reflected on the smooth, shiny surface of marvelous natural stones, carefully held by terrestrial hands.

The subjects that define the Infinity Gems Collection are not decorative panels. They are gates, each one open on a different and unknown point in this or another universe. Space-time leaps on the natural artwork of rare crystals and minerals. Stones that were forged in the darkness for millennia and that now are released out in the open, thanks to the incredible high resolution of digital printing.

Look up. That’s where we’re heading.

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Using a camera or your smartphone, take a photo of the wall you want to paper. Upload it on our site and choose the graphics you like the most to have a preview of the final result on your wall.

When loading, you are required to enter: the sizes of the wall; an email address to which the simulation will be sent; other necessary small details.


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