The millenary nature of precious stones meets the elegance of glass with the Minerals collection and the new Dècora Glass by Tecnografica

The millenary nature of precious stones meets the elegance of glass with the Minerals collection and the new Dècora Glass by Tecnografica

Everything on Earth is subject to change. Whether immediate or slow, transformation is the foundation of life on our incredible Planet. There are lands that appear and disappear every day from the water, erased and redesigned by the tides. There are giant mountains motionless for millennia, yet their contours remain unchanged. There are winds that shape the desert dunes to their liking at any time of day. There are huge trees that have stretched their branches for centuries, whilst tiny insects live for only a couple of hours. There are minerals, created through physical and chemical transformations, which can take only a few seconds or thousands of years to complete.

Tecnografica wanted to give space to the distant tales of ancient natural stones and it is thanks to those silent and colorful tales that Minerals is born, the new collection of decorative panels made through the high resolution digital acquisition of the natural textures of agate, amethyst, mochaite, quartz and fossil stones. The collection has four subjects: Giant Agate, Mokaite, Quartz-Wood and Shell.

But the news did not end at Tecnografica. Such precious surfaces, in fact, did not simply deserve the excellent quality of digital printing, but also a new and adequate finish, which would do justice to the brilliance of the colors and the finesse of the details.

It is with the Minerals collection that Tecnografica presents Dècora Glass, the new decorative panel in laminated glass. Thanks to their large dimensions (up to 1480 x 3000 mm) and reduced thickness (8.7 mm), Dècora Glass slabs are suitable for covering large surfaces, in particular for the construction of large projects in the naval and Horeca sectors. , as well as residential and commercial. Furthermore, the resistance of the glass allows the use of these panels also as kitchen tops or support surfaces on tables and furniture. And for environments that require an even more scenographic impact, Dècora Glass has a double function: from a classic decorative panel applied to the wall, it can also become a backlit panel.

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