The wonders of the Brazilian forests in the new wallpapers designed by Margherita Leoni for Tecnografica

The wonders of the Brazilian forests in the new wallpapers designed by Margherita Leoni for Tecnografica

Margherita started painting Brazilian forest plants in 1997 and she has never stopped. For Margherita Leoni it is not simply about plants. They are Forms of Life, in their most complete and highest meaning. Flowers, leaves, roots, branches, seeds and fruits are all real, emotional and sometimes even dramatic expressions of their environments. Take the time to stop and observe. You have to know how to listen and collect their emotions. As Margherita did when she painted the plants and flowers of Brazil in open air, directly immersed in their natural habitat, to grasp their essence and the purest truth. Margherita Leoni recounts her 16 years in Brazil through stunning paintings of the local flora.

The collection is made up of eight designs: Cerrado, Chresta, Hilocereus, Mata Pau, Paradiso 21, Sapucaia, Seminami and Ceiba – completely hand drawn and digitally printed with the exclusive SD technology allowing an absolute attention to detail. These designs are fully customizable according to the requirements of the individual project and find their best exaltation through the Natural finish, Tecnografica’s certified ecological wallpaper, made from 100% cellulose fibre. However, they are also available in a water-repellent, sound-absorbing and textured vinyl finish.

With this new capsule collection, Tecnografica once again demonstrates its desire to enhance art in all its forms, constantly supporting the creativity of emerging talents and established professionals. With the designs of Margherita Leoni, get ready for a journey full of emotions in a land so fascinating that it offers unique images.

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