What are decorative panels

What are decorative panels and how can they be used?

Decorative panels for interior walls are an alternative to more classic decorative coatings, designed for those who love original colors and solutions with great aesthetic value.

What is a decorative panel?

Tecnografica decorative panels are decorative coatings for interior walls of private homes, commercial premises and public places, characterized by a very high definition design. They are innovative and unpublished products dedicated to those looking for an original solution for interior design.

Tecnografica offers different types of panels, which stand out for their graphic quality and for the materials used. In general, these are large-format slabs (up to 150×300 cm), available in different finishes and customizable in graphic design and size.

Specifically, Tecnografica decorative panels are available: in laminated glass, with a glossy transparent finish (Dècora Glass) and backlit (Dècora Glass Backlit); backlit in PMMA (Dècora LED); in flexible polycarbonate with glossy finish (Smart Panel Glossy) and satin finish (Smart Panel Matt), also applicable on curved surfaces.

Any design from our wide range can be printed on each finish. The Tecnografica catalogue of decorative panels ranges, in fact, from resin-effect graphics to marble, from minerals to precious stones. Thanks to the advanced image capture and digital printing technology at our disposal, the final result is of excellent quality, with very high image definition and brilliant colors on all media. Così, dalla scansione di piccole pietre, siamo in grado di realizzare grandi pannelli dal profondo impatto artistico e decorativo.

How to use decorative panels for your interior design

In the creation of new environments, sometimes priority is given to practical aspects, which inevitably tend to standardize styles, while the spaces end up resembling each other. Whatever the interior design of the target space, even a single large panel can radically change the appearance   of the place where it is inserted. This makes Tecnografica decorative panels suitable for all environments.

Thanks to the offer of Tecnografica, the panels can also become light points to enhance shaded areas   or create a special atmosphere. This is the case of the Dècora Glass Backlit and Dècora LED finishes, both equipped with an integrated LED lighting system, with dimmable RGB light to ensure the intensity adjustment   a low energy impact.

Some graphic subjects have been specifically designed to create a continuous graphics,   that is a single large design that is divided into several panels: in this way, the design of a precious stone or marble can cover large walls and create real   breathtaking sceneries, even in very large environments such as those of a public space, a hotel or a restaurant.

The applications of the panels, however, are not exclusively mural, on the contrary, they have the limit of our imagination. We can decorate a wall, but also cover a shelf, or use them as panels for a Partition wall   within a single environment, thus obtaining two visually separated spaces, but united in style. In addition, by choosing the flexible Smart Panel support, they can be used to cover columns and curved walls.

Finally, thanks to their specific characteristics, Tecnografica decorative panels can also be installed inside showers or spas, i.e. spaces characterized by high humidity or direct contact with water.

Are you interested in ideas   on the use of Tecnografica decorative panels? You can find them in our section dedicated to interior design projects   realized by Professionals  and Partner

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