Digital design

From the beginning, the company traced a new way through tile design, mixing surfaces research and technology development for ceramic products for a totally innovative result.

The first original ideas come from the precise selection of our creative scout. Searching all over the world, they buy pieces of old stone or cotto floors, or rare marbles. These materials, professionally re-elaborated by our designers, become exclusive solutions, always up with the times to satisfy all customers’ needs.

Tecnografica’s team is composed by a staff of creative specialists involved in different design and research branches. Photographers, designers, laboratory technicians: each member of our staff is coming from different experiences which convey in a successful way to gain different technical and artistic solutions, with a strong and personal stylish mark, which has become easily recognizable in all our creations.

The entire productive process is absolutely unique for every single product, and comes from the best creativity and craftsmanship skills, together with a cutting-edge technology. A perfect mix that deeply contributed to add value to the ceramic product, reaching new and previously unimaginable design opportunities.

Today Tecnografica creates covering solutions for the most prestigious ceramic companies all over the world.

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