Dies and punches

The research addressed to the three-dimensional tracing and to the creation of new original surfaces is growing exponentially, fostered by an ever- increasing diffusion of the ink-jet printers.

TECNOGRAFICA has at its service equipment for designing and producing structured dies and punches, for small and large size tiles. Our departments in Italy and Spain are equipped with lasers for the detection of three-dimensional surfaces, CNC milling machines and presses. Our exclusive L Power system allows us to create structures up to 2x4 metres, with an accuracy in details and a production rate until yesterday unobtainable. Our department in charge of numerical control (CNC) engraving is able to meet the great demand for this special product intended for the industrial production of tiles. Hundreds of samples in aluminium (CNC) or produced through L Power are displayed in our show-room dedicated to the three-dimensional structures.

  • Research for surfaces and materials
  • Surface tracing through high precision instruments
  • Design of three-dimensional decorations and bases for the ceramic industry
  • Design and engraving of dies, structures, punches and dedicated applications, made-to-measure for any kind of production technology used by the ceramic industry, especially for the ink-jet technology.
  • Numerical control technology (CNC) on aluminium
  • L Power technology

Dies and Punches | 3D ceramic engraving Matrici e tamponi
Dies and Punches | 3D ceramic engraving Strutture cnc incisioni
Dies and Punches | 3D ceramic engraving Strutture cnc incisioni 01
Dies and Punches | 3D ceramic engraving Strutture cnc incisioni 02
Dies and Punches | 3D ceramic engraving Strutture cnc incisioni alluminio
Dies and Punches | 3D ceramic engraving Strutture cnc lpower

L Power. 3D laser engraving System

L Power is an innovative system for laser engraving of three-dimensional dies for the ceramic industry.
This technology is particularly connected to the digital printing system on tile as it allows to obtain a very high definition of details, making the simulation of natural products or relief textures of any kind even more real.
L Power is another headway by TECNOGRAFICA to bring the maximum realism in ceramic designs and to continue going through the fast path of innovation in the digital process with creativity and professionalism.

L Power main advantages:

  • Great realism and definition in the three-dimensional reproductions of any type of surfaces;
  • Weight reduced by 5 times compared to the traditional engraving technology;
  • Fast execution of the die, especially on large sizes;
  • Possibility of creating very large panels.

TECNOGRAFICA has also patented a special system for an easy use of the die during the punch moulding.