Diving watches have always been the pursuit targets of many watch enthusiasts, although as far as I know, many friends do not dive. Let me talk about what is a diving watch first. A diving watch generally refers to a professional watch used for diving sports or a watch with a diving watch style. It is also often called a diving watch. The most famous diving watch is of course rolex, such as the Submariner series and the Sea dweller series. It is also the most imitated brand in the replica watches industry. Some 1: 1 rolex replicas even have a diving depth of an amazing 300 meters. They are just replica watches. You can go here to find out what is the 1: 1 grade rolex replica

Lets first understand the characteristics of the best rolex replica diving watches. They generally have relatively high-strength waterproof, shock-proof, and anti-magnetic functions (referred to as 3-proof), the dial has a common rotatable outer ring, and a more significant luminous function. In the meantime, the common rotating bezel is planned to allow divers to easily read the time and prepare to return to the water at any time. Introduction of famous diving watches Diving Watch

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1: In order to observe the time on the dark seabed, the diving watch must have striking luminous hands and graduations. Most dive watch pointers and scales are relatively wide, this is to fully fill the luminous material to make it easier for divers to read the time. So the best rolex replica watches must have a great luminous pointer and scale.
2: The Best rolex replica diving watch has a rotating bezel, which is also one of the essential functions of a diving watch. Its role is related to the life safety of divers. Generally, the oxygen in the oxygen bottle can only be maintained for 45 minutes, and the scale on the bezel is generally 15, 30, and 45 minutes. The method of use is also very simple. Determine the time spent diving.
3: Special crown design, in order to enhance the waterproof performance of the whole watch, the diving watch generally adopts the internal rotation crown, of course, some brands use other structures, such as Panerai uses the design of the bridge, no matter which design , In order to make the crown strengthen waterproof, thereby improving the waterproof performance of the entire watch.
4:They must have helium exhaust valves, and the rotating bezel serves as a reminder of diving time. The marking scale of the rotating bezel is 15, 30, 45, because the oxygen cylinder of general diving can only last for 45 minutes (some also have a 60-minute scale). The first 15 minutes are color-coded or specially marked, as divers will strictly follow the 15-minute safety stop on the ascent for decompression. Generally, as long as you turn the bezel during diving, the 0 scale on the bezel is aligned with the minute hand, and then you can know the time spent diving by looking at the corresponding scale on the bezel after the minute hand moves. Of course, you can also use the countdown. First, know your dive time, turn the bezel to align the minute scale with the minute hand, and then the time when the minute hand moves to the bezel 0 scale is exactly your diving limit time. The rotation of the external bezel is designed to be a single counterclockwise direction. This is to ensure that the calculation time is only accounted for more, not less, to prevent the danger of delaying time. In recent years, the emerging built-in chronograph bezel has no restriction on the direction of rotation, because the crown that controls the bezel must be locked before launching.